Zalgy Cake
Zalgy cake.png
Some attributes
First Likes- The United Stickman Force, Stickman, Dimmed Star, Rottenbunch, Stone, Spiderlock, Dull Sloth.
Second Dislikes- Queen Blackhole (after Stickman came to the Equinox Village), the other villains.
Third Weapons- Her alter ego: Zalgressa, and her "Jokes".
Other attributes
Fourth Lives-Equinox version of Sugar Cube Corner, Stickman HQ

Oh boy. Where do I begin? Zalgy Cake is the Equinox Counterpart of Pinkie Pie. Only, She's not into parties. She's into JOKES. Jokes that hurt people. She doesn't think that the hurt makes people dead, but only more funny. When she's depressed, however, Things turn for the worse. She turns into the murdering Zalgressa. When Stickman arrived to the Equinox Village,  She was one of the ones who attacked Stickman. Stickman met up with Zalgy Cake later in her home. Zalgy Cake then proceeded to stab Stickman to death, but Stickman overcame, and bested Zalgy Cake. Stickman explained to Zalgy Cake (After sitting her down, and calming her down, however) what he was doing in the Equinox Village. After Stickman explained everything, Zalgy Cake snapped back into reality and realized what she was doing. She then was upset about killing other ponies with her "Jokes". Stickman then said that she needed to do jokes that HELP people, and do parties. To this day, Stickman was the only one that tamed Zalgy Cake, and also, Zalgy Cake helps Stickman in any way possible. She also uses her Zalgressa counterpart in the best of times. Zalgy Cake is the last Equinox Pony to be tamed before Stickman heads out to seek the Equinox Stone.

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