Treekion the Treeko
"Adventure awaits!"
"Adventure awaits!"
Some attributes
First Gender-male
Second Kind- treeko


Third Romance interest- none
Other attributes
Fourth Status- unknown
Fifth Age- 15
Sixth Birthday- November 16

Treekion is a world famous traveler ever since 2008. He is famous for being the youngest traveler in the Pokemon world.



Treekion lived in a small treeko village with a population of 7 (including Treekion). He usually watched various famous pokemon travelers jump into his village. Treekion thought the travelers' job was cool, so he decided to become a traveler himself later on.

Becoming a Traveler

Treekion became a traverler at age 10. In his first 2 years of a traveler, he traveled with his parents. After Treekion became more aware of the dangers and become more professional with encounters and habitats, he traveled alone.

Present Life

At the age of 15 in December 2012, Treekion wanted to travel himself by adventuring off to a far away Pokemon town in a blizzard. He said he would return in late January 2013, but he never did. His parents remain frightened as Search and Rescue find many treeko blood and other scary evidence on the trail Treekion took. His parents think he is dead after many months stuck in harsh weather, but they think he might be on his trail, heading to the pokemon town, trying his hardest and not giving up.