A return of someone insane. Another part of Shurow's Test. What does this lead up to? Yup. Captain Vladimir. He makes yet another return in this episode of Stickman's Adventures 2; Shurow's Journey. When Captain Vladimir goes insane, Sylvia recruits Stickman, Shurow and the rest of the United Stickman Force to regain his consiousness again. But when Peno releases a possesing gas in his suit, its up to Shurow to get the possesing gas out of him before he dies for good!


Stickman (Star)

Shurow (2nd Star)





The Rest of the United Stickman Force.


Many people believe that this was the last episode. This is proven false thanks to the title.

This is the 4th part of Shurow's Test.

This is the first time Shurow actually does something on his own.

This is the 2nd time Vladimir appears. But the 1st time he's actually possesed by the main villain of the series.