You just sound like noise pollution! Getting rid of you is the ONLY solution! (War of the Fat Italians 2018 Rap Battle)
Some attributes
First Occupation-The Blooper King
Second Friends- Starman3, Stickman, The members of the United Stickman force, Mario (Sometimes),
Third Team Attack - Ssenmodnar (Team Attack version)
Other attributes
Fourth Weapons - Blooper Master
Fifth Latest appearance - Through the Halls
Sixth Role - Ally of the United Stickman Force

He makes bloopers all the rage, like Breaking Walls, 0% of Spaghetti, and many more. On one of his bloopers, he met Stickman, and to this day, he is alongside Stickman fighting the forces of evil.

In Stickman's Adventures (2019 reboot)

Smg4 is once again Stickman's best friend in the reboot. Since he's met Tari, Saiko, Axol, Bob, Fishy Boopkins, Meggy, and Jubjub, they've joined him in the reboot too. Unlike the previous series, Smg4 has yet to receive keyblade training from Stickman. He still will gain the Blooper Master Keyblade, just later in the series.

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