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The series of it all. Stickman series! This is about the series of Stickman himself!

Episodes Season 1: Stickman, The Beginning

The First Love (The episode that started it all) (Retold version as well)

A Gemy Canterlot Wedding Part 1 and 2 (Stickman Game Jumpers First Episode)

Stickman's Epic April Fool's Adventure

The Fight for Club Penguin

Unable to conquer

A shadow rises...


The Quest for the Chattering Key

Dragon's Love 2

The Royal Movie

Twilight's Princess

The Return of King Sombra

The Return of Trixie

A Dancy Canterlot Wedding Part 1 and 2

Ghostly Music

Merry Christmas, Stickman! (Christmas 2012 Special)

The Return of Drill-X

Return to the Crystal Empire

Stickman's True Origins (FANNON EPISODE)

Return to Toy Block Tower

Return to The Toxic Landfill

Tick Tock Time

Return to Music Town

Return to Ice Palace

The Lava Surf

Search and Destroy (Stickman's Final Battle first episode)

Hugo's Big Adventure

Smg4's Big Break

Stickman's Final Battle

Return of Ben Drowned

Baby Trouble

The Legend of the Thinner and Paint wand

Of Pride and heroes 2

Countdown to Doomsday

Return to the Haunted Mansion

Return of Discord

Back to the Lonesome Manor (Stickman Back to the Past first episode)

Return to the Land Before Time

Rise of Evil Sonic Pt. 1 and 2 (Stickman and the Rise of Evil Sonic first episode)

The Royal Movie 3

Haunted house Chase (This is not like Return to the Haunted Mansion and Back to the Lonesome manor. This time, its in Dreamland. The episode will explain it all)


The Journey to Dreamland (Stickman and the Journey to Dreamland's first episode)

Puffle Party Dance

A Dynablade Canterlot Wedding Pt. 1 and 2

The Royal Crowning

Royal Trouble (Stickman's Royal Chapters's First Episode)

The Fight for Club Penguin

Shurow's Might

The Test of Shurow

Return to Cyber Track Zone

The Temple of Shurow (First time Shurow actually has a temple discovered after him)

The Final Confrontation (Not actually the final episode. Its yet another return of Captain Vladimir.)

Loveward Bound (First Creepypasta made by me :3)

Timberwolves Ahoy!

The Return of Matt Helms

Journey to Mogwli's Palace

The lost kingdom of the netherlands

The Beginning of the Dark Moon Quest (Part 1 of the Dark Moon Story Arc)

Gloomy Manor Madhouse (Part 2 of the Dark Moon Story Arc)

Haunted Towers Tree Hopping (Part 3 of the Dark Moon Story Arc)

Clock Cleaners (Part 4 of the Dark Moon Story Arc)

Cold Case (Part 5 of the Dark Moon Story Arc)

Treachorus Manor Exploration (Part 6 of the Dark Moon Story Arc)

King Boo's Trap (Part 7 of the Dark Moon Story Arc)

A nightmare to remember (Part 8 of the Dark Moon Story Arc)

The Giant Knight in Shining Armor (Part 9 of the Dark Moon Story Arc)

King Boo's Illusion (Final Part of the Dark Moon Story Arc)

The Fight for Club Penguin 2; Clash of the Marvel Superheroes

Return of Rap Rat; He's the Boss

Rise of The Mandarin. (Part of the Fight for Club Penguin 2; Clash of the Marvel superheroes special)

A new sky to remember (last episode of The Fight for Club Penguin)

The Alpha Lock (Part 1 of the Season Finale)

Search for the Nexus Sword (Part 2 of the Season Finale)

The Betrayer (Part 3 of the Season Finale)

Our Darkest Hour Part 1 (Part 4 of the Season Finale)

Our Darkest Hour Part 2 (Part 5 of the Season Finale, Last episode in this season, Stickman is killed by Darkmountain VII; The Dark Legacy's new Fortress)

Episodes Season 2: Makuta Hunters

Rage of Makuta Teridax (Continues the events of the Season 1 Finale)

Rise of Defero (Defero rises from the shadows when Shockwave (a Decepticon) informs Makuta that they found something strange, and Defero rises, after Stickman died)

Rage of Defero (Makuta remembers Defero and tests his skills)

Fall of Defero (Stickman returns and defeats Defero.... for now)

Stickman and the Elite Stickman Force (The stickman force is back!)

The Forge of the Ancient Stickman (Part of the Stickman Rises Special Stickman is back! with new powers and a new Pencil Sword, Makuta Tries to get his sword, but dies, and explodes)

The Power of the Nexus (Part of Stickman  Rises Special)

A familiar face (Last part of the Stickman Rises Special)

Search of Makuta's Mask (Stickman and his friends try to find Makuta's Mask, since he died, so the dark legacy members can not bring back their leader)

Gear Up (All Stickman force member get new Powers, new abilities, and new Weapons)

Defero's Secret (They find out that Defero is not dead at all)

Keyblades and MasterBlades (Stickman upgrades his secret Keyblade to a MasterBlade)

The Fortress of Defero (Stickman and his friends invade the fortress of defero to get back the Wikia Signature for Shurow.)

Race against time

M stands for Makuta (Makuta's spirit seeks revenge on Stickman. Part of the One Shall Rise special)

Brothers of the Makuta (Stickman and friends go to the Makuta caves, where they find out Makuta Teridax's brothers are alive, but frozen, Part of the One Shall Rise special)

Shadow of Makuta (Stickman must find Defero before the Dark Legacy uses Defero's keyblade to bring back Makuta, Last part of the One shall Rise special))

One shall Rise (Makuta is back...)

The Escape (Stickman and his friends must escape Makuta's new fortress before it blows up)

Early April Fools!?! (Stickman and his friends meet Rookie, and he makes some hard jokes at them)

Prey (Makuta tells Defero to hunt Stickman)

Unknown Episode 

Rap Rat's Psycho-Mind (Stickmand and friends enter Rap Rat's dead mind to find out where did Makuta and Defero hid the last key to unlock the Alpha Lock)

The Hunt (Stickman and friends hunt the Makutas)

Rookie's Joke part 1 (Rookie draws a giant Funny House but then, King Boo messes things up, and the mansion turns into a scarescraper)

Rookie's Joke part 2 (Stickman and Luigi capture King Boo, and the funny house is back to normal, but at the end, it is shown that King Boo escaped)

Predaking's deal (Defero makes a deal with Predaking (The King of the Predacons), so he brings the dead bodies of Stickman and his friends)

Defero's last stand (Predaking escapes, and Stickman and friends hunt Defero, at the end, Defero falls of a cliff, and is destroyed by the Nexus Ninja)

Makuta's plan (Makuta hears the news about Defero dead, so he makes a new plan: Operation: Stickman)

Defero's return (Defero returns and makes a big deal with Makuta, so they can kill Stickman)

The Shards of the Nexus Sword (The Nexus Ninja is revealed to be Carlos Mtz2, an old friend of Stickman, but he tells Stickman that King Boo broke the Nexus Sword, and they find the shards of the Nexus Sword)

The Alpha Lock (Finally, stickman and friends go to the Alpha Lock, so they unlock the Ultimate Power, but Makuta arrives, and the Final Battle is about to Start...)

The Chase (Makuta chases Stickman since he has the Pencil Sword)

Makuta Defericioux (Makuta and Defero combine, just in time for the Final Battle)

Here we go again (Stickman is ready for anything now! This is the last episode of the second season)

Episodes Season 3: The Forbidden Heroes

The Case of Missingnoitis

Loveward Bound 2

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Snower's Ice Rage

The Return of an old villain

The Overlord

The Overlord's Secret

The Overlord's War

Makuta the Overlord

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The Pen of Peno

Evil Sonic's Return

Kozu's Rage

King Boo's Master Plan Part 1

King Boo's Master Plan Part 2

Fear Defero

Defero's Weapon

Antroz' quest

The Secret weapon

The Quest

The Quest for Makuta's Mask Part 1

The Quest for Makuta's Mask Part 2

Helioptile and the missing Victini Part 1

Helioptile and the missing Victini Part 2

Return of King Creeper, The Terrible

Blow Up

Dogkid's Adventure

Shadow and the missing Missingno

The Dark Legacy's Revenge

Stickman's father

Typhonus fall (Baron Typhonus does not die)

Armies of Creepers

Return to the Amazon (Yet another Rio Episode, but this time, Stickman and his friends return to rio for a big surprise... Part one of the season 3 finale.)

Return to Makuta's Fortress (Part two of the season 3 finale.)

The Shadow behind (Part three of the season 3 finale.)

Makuta Teridax is Back (Part four of the season 3. finale)

Brother VS Brother (Part five of the season 3 finale. Last episode in the season 3)

Episodes Season 4: Stickman: Awakening

Rise of the Hero

Forge of the Hero

The Fight of the Hero (Part one of the Defero be gone special)

The Fall of the Villian (Part two of the Defero be gone special)

The Last Stand of Defero (Part three of the Defero be gone special)

Cybertronian Cyber-Tech

Cybertron's reborn

The Fight for Cybertron

The Fall of Cybertron

Megatron's Fall

Terdaka's illusions

Terdaka's stars

Terdaka's Dead World

Stone Cold in the Ancient Village

The Stone Army of Makuta

Kozu and the 4 golden Butterfly Swords

Kozu.... Kozu Kozu Kozu...

Kozu's Last Stand

The Dark Legacy's Re-awakening Ceremony

The Rise of Defero

Ghost Defero

Defero: You're gone (Last time Defero appears in this and any other series)

Monsters and Myths

Still, nothing still

Kozu and King Boo: The Wrecking Duo

King Kozu the Boo

Stone Boo (Last Time King Boo appears in this and any other series)

Rex Fury and the Wrecking Crew

Rex and McCain: The Two lovely enemies

Rex and McCain: A Jail for the Brick (Last Time Rex Fury appears in this series)

Genesect Army VS Victini

Victini and the enigma Stone

Flashbolt and Victini: The Duo of Friendship

Cynder and Shadowblade's Escape from the Starship of Doom

A New Family (Cynder, Shadowblade, Flashbolt and Victini join Stickman Force in order to defeat Makuta)

Defero's Body

Operation: Predacon

Predaking's Army

Shockwave and the Predacons

Starscream VS McCain

Megatron Strikes back

Optimus VS Megatron: The Fast VS The Furious

Darth Herbert and the Shadow Troopers Part 1

Darth Herbert and the Shadow Troopers Part 2

Stickman and Marcus: The path to the Reveal Glass

Stickman and Marcus: A hero awakening

Stickman and Marcus: Fusionating and absorbing

Makuta and the Brotherhood of Makuta

Makuta Antroz and Makuta Miserix strike back

Return to the Darkmountains

The New Alpha Lock

A Human Concept

Friends and Foes

Weekly Daily Monthly Universe

Stickman attacks

The Clones

Tornadus and Thundurus

Land... Landorus!

White and Black: Day and Night

The Day Hero: Reshiram


Stickman's Adventures

Stickman Legends

Stickman Unleashed

Stickman Files

Stickman Game Jumpers

Stickman Back to the Past

Stickman's Final Battle

Stickman and the Rise of Evil Sonic

Stickman and the Journey to Dreamland 

Stickman's Princess Chronicles

Stickman's Royal Chapters

Stickman's Adventures 2; Shurow's Journey

Stickman's Adventures 3; The Rio Files

Stickman's Adventures 4; The Angry Birds Force

Shurow's Adventures; The Beginning

Cadence's Adventures: The Dancing Journey

Carlos's Adventures: The Nexus Ninja

Rhysw's Adventures: The way of the ninja

Helioptile's Adventures: The Beginning

Cynder's Adventures: Dragon Realms return

Stickman's New Adventures

Stickman's Amazing Adventures

Stickman's Adventures (2019 Reboot) (Current)


The Royal Movie

Stickman's Epic Battle

The Wedding Chapters (Includes all 4 weddings, including a new wedding episode too ;) )

The Ultimate Showdown (Contains the best episode of the whole entire series:The day Stickman and Makuta fought)

The Dark Moon Story (Contains all 10 episodes of the Dark Moon Story Arc, and a never before seen episode too!)

The Makuta and Defero Special (Contains the last episodes of the Season 2: Makuta Hunters, plus an exclusive biography of Makuta the Lord of Shadows and Defero the Master of Destruction.)

The Forbidden DVD (Contains all episodes for Season 3; The Forbidden Episodes.)

Stickman Adventures: The Ultimate Battle

Makuta: No more Stickman (Contains the season finale of Season 1)

Stickman's New Adventures, The Complete Rio Saga

Stickman's Amazing Adventures: The Love Race


Music Videoes 

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Revenge (My version)

The Party Starts now!

Puffle Party (Gotta Have a Wingman)

Ghosts Just Wanna Dance

Nightmare Night

Its your Birthday!

12 Heroes of Christmas (Current Music Video)