Yep. A Rio series. You may be thinking. Haven't you done a bunch of Rio episodes already? Answer: NO. Anyways...

Stickman and his friends hear about the lost ancient treasure of Rio. When they arrive to Rio, they find the ancient bird of rio. It ain't that hard, but it gets worse when Nigel comes! Can Stickman and the gang retrieve the ancient bird of rio before Nigel gets to it? How did Makuta survive? How and Why did Nigel get Maelstrom powers? Find out in this all new series based off the Rio series! But thats not all. When Tusk comes back for revenge, Can Stickman, Sensei, and the rest of the gang master the power of snow and get the Ancient Bird of Rio?


Stickman (Star)

Techman (Guest Star)

Jewel (2nd Star)

Blu (3rd Star)

Savanah, Bobby, and Jasmine  (4th, 5th and 6th stars)


The Angry Birds (Not actually protagonist, just appear in some episodes as a rolling gag)

Nigel (Anatogonist)

Sensei (7th Star (Well duh, he teaches Stickman and the crew about the power of snow) )







Rex Fury (Forest)


Nigel's Revenge

The Temple of Rio

Blu's Mad day

Jewel's adventure

A burned plane part 1

A burned plane part 2

The Great Day Off-alon

A Prehistoric Jungle wedding (Yep, another wedding episode!)

Stickman's Day Off

Legends and Myths (Stickman makes a small sumary of his adventures, all his adventures.)

The Bird

Stickman and the Golden Feather

Nigel's big plan

Makuta's Hunt.

Makuta's Last Stand.

Rex Fury and the Forest Police. (First Time Chase McCain is missing in an episode were Rex Fury appears)

Nigel's New Claw.

The Golden Feather's Truth.

A Very Scary Halloween (1 of the 2 2013 halloween specials)