When Stickman, Jewel, Dogkid1, Luigi and Smg4 get seperated from the empire, its up to them to get back to the empire with their friends! Can they do it? Find out in this all new movie!


Stickman (star)

Baron Typhonus (2nd Star, and he revived)

Smg4 (3rd Star)

Jewel (4th Star)

Dogkid1 (5th Star)

Luigi (6th Star)


Terdaka (Main Antagonist)


This is the first time that a spirit of stickman's past returns to defeat him.

This marks Terdaka's debut, but he will die in the movie, but he will return in the series... Obeying the Trio's master (Makuta)

Makuta is the only member of the Shadow Trio (Terdaka, Defero and their Master Makuta) who is not in the movie.