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"Maybe my powers will be activated by moonlight or something."
"Maybe my powers will be activated by moonlight or something."
Some attributes
First Kind- dragon
Second gender- male
Third status- alive
Other attributes
Fourth Tribe- Nightwing
Fifth Friends- Clay,Sunny,Glory.Tsunami,Dogkid1
Sixth Crush-Sunny


Starflight was brought as an egg to the Talons of Peace by the Nightwing Morrowseer. He hatched and was raised by the guardians along with the other dragonets Clay, Glory, Tsunami , and Sunny. He was fascinated by the scrolls and stories told by the guardians, becoming subject to their jokes and taunts. He became very literal and serious, turning out to be a horrible fighter. When Morrowseer arrived again, proclaiming the Rainwing, Glory an unworthy substitute for the deceased Skywing, Starflight gave Clay lifesaving advice during his escape attempt. Starflight also had a private meeting with Morrowseer, whom he feared would discover he had not discovered his own powers yet. Helping Tsunami, who was chained as part of the plot to kill Glory, escape, the duo's actions led to him and the rest of the dragonets becoming captured by Queen Scarlet. He met Dogkid on one of his flights. they remain good friends to this day and on.