Some attributes
First Likes- Stickman, The United Stickman Force, The EoE
Second Dislikes- Queen Blackhole (After Stickman came to Equinox Village), The Other Villains
Third Living- Equinox Version of Fluttershy's Cottage, Stickman HQ
Other attributes
Fourth Weapons- Her Parasprite Legs

Spiderlock is the equinox counterpart of the animal-loving Fluttershy. The story of how she came to be is gruesome, but quite interesting. It goes like this: Spiderlock loved animals so much, that she wanted to BECOME one. She asked dimmed star for a transformation spell. But Dimmed made a mistake, and gave her the variety of a Parasprite. One night, this Parasprite began to grow quickly, tearing through her skin, and growing out an attena, jaws, and morphing one eye. Spiderlock was actually not one of the ones who attacked Stickman. She, instead, decided to hide in her cottage. Stickman came in, and didn't expect Spiderlock to jump down on him. He ran around, flailing his arms, until finally she let go of Stickman. Spiderlock said that she was sorry, and will never do it again. Stickman then explained to Spiderlock about what he was doing. After Stickman explained it all, Spiderlock Snapped into reality, and realized what was going on. Before long, she endured severe pains due to the legs growing out of her skin. Stickman then tended to Spiderlock's aid. Stickman wasn't able to remove the legs, but Spiderlock said it was part of her, so Stickman left the legs alone. To this day, Spiderlock fights alongside Stickman, discovering her new powers. She still loves animals though.

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