Slushie the Froakie
"Hence the bubbles!"
"Hence the bubbles!"
Some attributes
First gender- male
Second occupation- search for the missing
Third Favorite food- Oreos
Other attributes
Fourth Best friend- Giroro
Fifth Age- 11
Sixth Birthday-June 12

Slushie is a froakie.



Slushie grew up in a forest near a pond. Frogs roamed there. But when Slushie turned 8, a terrible evil frog appeared (It was Garuru, but the frogs didn't know him). The frog forced all the frogs living by the pond to bow down to him and take orders from him, or else they would be killed. Slushie worked for many days. Until on a day close to Slushie's birthday,Garuru was having a meeting. The guards forgot to lock Slushie's cage all the way. Slushie knew how to get out. He studied how the guards worked to get Slushie out of his cage for tests,work,punishments,and in some cases, food.


Slushie escaped on the day before his birthday. He made it back to his home, but his home wasn't what it used to be. The pond was full of corpse and the houses his friends lived in were shattered. After 3 years of being trapped! Of course his village would be shattered!

Slushie felt a slap of guilt once he remembered he had left his friends and relatives at Garuru's holding.

Present life

Slushie remains in his childhood forest. He plans to get his friends and relatives back.