Following the events of the past episodes, Makuta orders Defero, to hunt United Stickman Force, but before that, Makuta tests Defero's skills, meanwhile Shurow finds the Key to unlock the Pencil Sword, and so, Shurow is about to go with Stickman, but Defero spots him, and Defero Chases Shurow, shurow escaped, but Defero gets mad, and kills 14 Omega Stromlings, Makuta notices he had the power to kill 14 Omega Stromlings, and so, Makuta welcomes Defero to the Dark Legacy, Meanwhile, Shurow arrives to Stickman's cave, where the dying Stickman is, Shurow brings the sword, but Stickman refuses to use it's power to regenerate himself, so he tells Shurow that the United Stickman force needs a new leader: Shurow