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Phantom R
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Some attributes
First Kind- Human
Second Gender- male
Third Appears in-Rhythm Thief and The Emperor's Treasure, The Stickman Series
Other attributes
Fourth Real name- Raphael
Fifth Birthday- no one knows
Sixth Friends-Marie, Stickman, United Stickman Force

Raphael, known by his alter-ego Phantom R, is the main character and protagonist of the Nintendo 3DS game Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure. In his day to day life he is a normal, unassuming boy, polite and respectful to all that he meets. He is well known in his neighbourhood and seems to get on with pretty much everyone. However, Raphael's secret identity, Phantom R, is not so well liked. Sought after by the police, Phantom R is a famous art thief who, rather bizarrely, steals famous pieces of art only to return the very same pieces soon after.

In Stickman's Adventures (2019 Reboot)

In the 2019 reboot of Stickman's Adventures, Phantom R plays pretty much the same roles he has in previous series. He is the Rhythm Thief mentor of Stickman and Jewel, teaching them the same teachings he learned while being a Rhythm Thief. Like the previous 3 series, he is also a member of the Untied Stickman Force. He is also the leader of the branch-off force, the Rhythm Thief Force. In this force, he gives his agents tasks throughout all the worlds they've visited, as well as lead them in capers related to his dad. They're still currently searching for his dad.