Our Darkest Hour Part 2 is the second part of the last episode of the first season.


Following the events of Our Darkest Hour Part 1, Stickman and his friends notice that Makuta made a giant fortress just in front of Stickman HQ, suddenly, Flashwing tells Stickman there is a message from Makuta, and so, Makuta appears (in a Holographic form) and say: "You can run.... But you can hide". Stickman is then worried about himself, his wives, and his friends, But stickman didn't give up, Stickman and his friends go defend their base, after a long battle, they are almost defeated, but then, Max arrives in his Spaceship, and saves them. until his spaceship is destroyed by King Boo, Max is able to escape, but he is really injured, Flashwing arrives, and saves him, after all of them Failed on their mission to defend the HQ, Stickman decides, that it's time, to let go the HQ, Max is the first to leave via the Portal, Flashwing is the next to leave, but before leaving, she says that she will never forget about Stickman's heroic Sacrifice, then all of the others leave, with the only people in the base being Shurow and Stickman, Shurow leaves, and tells Stickman: "I... I never tought this would end this way...". Stickman replies and says: "Neither did i old friend" and Shurow leaves, Stickman then, does the Ultimate Sacrifice, moments before being attacked by the Darkmountains' Fusion Nuclear Cannon, Stickman destroys his Chaos Emerald, so the Dark Legacy never finds it. And so, Stickman, the legendary hero, Dies....