"When the moment comes, I swear I will burn you, slowly and painfully..."
Some attributes
First Master of Shadows
Second Creator of evil
Third Dark Lord
Other attributes

"I am Invinsible, I am the Destructor, I am the Incarnation of Darkness, I am Makuta Teridax!"

Makuta Teridax, also known as Overlord, Unicron, Deathwing, and many other names, or simply Makuta is the Ultimate darkness, and Stickman's biggest and darkest threat, Stickman must unite with Des the Sylveon, Carlos the Nexus Ninja and even with his arch-nemesis, Nigel and Lost Stick, to stop Makuta once and for all before he gains his full power and destroys the entire Cartoon Universe. He is Stickman's biggest and most dangerous enemy, for he is the only one (Besides Mata Nui, the creator of everything in the Multiverse) that can destroy the Eternal Ink, luckily for Stickman, Makuta needs his true body to do that.

He was destroyed by the powers of the Okotoverse and Nexusverse, but his legacy lives on, as the Brotherhood of Makuta grows stronger. And he will be back...


The two brothers, Mata Nui (Ekimu) and Teridax (Makuta).


Makuta, using his Masterpiece, the Mask of Ultimate Power.


His defeat at the hands of Ekimu.


  • Acording to an ancient scroll, a prophecy said, that stickman will participate in The Ultimate Battle Between Good and Evil, fighting Makuta.
  • Every moment, he gets stronger, and if Stickman does not destroy him, the cartoon universe will be destroyed.
  • Terdaka was the first one to follow Makuta, he has been loyal to Makuta since Makuta was created by Mata Nui, the greatest Hero.
  • In his Shadow Form, he has three horns, wich represent that he is the master of both Defero and Terdaka.
  • He seems to be gifted in Science and Technology, as he removed every part of his body and replaced it with Dead Parts of others and with Machines, like his Claw of the Dragon.
  • When he died, he said "You will never be free of me stickman...", this statement was proven true when Makuta returns as the digital makuta, also known as digital overlord.
  • Makuta Teridax was created from Darkness when the Universe was created, and then he created the entire darkness and villians in the Universe, meaning that he would be responsible for the return of the Great Devourer
  • As of November 2014, he is now referred to as "Makuta" or "the Makuta", and his brothers are now called by their names, not their Makuta title.
  • He will have a major role through 2014-2015, since he will be a part of the Multiversal War.