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"The war is upon us, brother. We must do whatever it takes to break everyone free from Waluigi's control."

-Jewel to Stickman in The Waluigipocolypse.

Some attributes
First Gender- Female
Second Kind- Spix's Macaw
Third Eyes-Turquoise
Other attributes
Fourth Weapons- Bird's Eye View (Her keyblade), Beak, Talons, Master Clay Busters (as seen in The Punch that Saved Millions), Flip Cards (She has her own version of the Flip Cards.), Her new exosuit (As of Becoming the Director)
Fifth Fate-living
Sixth Likes- Her Brother; Stickman, The United Stickman Force, Her own family, Blu
Seventh First Appearance- The First Love
Eighth Latest Appearance- Through the Halls

Jewel is Stickman's sister and ex-wife. She fights alongside Stickman in his many adventures with her new husband, Blu.


Jewel was born with Stickman under Eduardo. She got separated from Stickman during the Maelstrom Wars. A few years in, Jewel got embedded with a live-forever spell, making her live forever and look really young. The same happened to Blu and her kids. After the events of Rio and Rio 2, and during the events of The First Love, Jewel found Stickman, but didn't know who he really was. She then became Stickman's 1st wife, but still had interaction with Blu while Stickman was with Jewel. Later on, in The Sad Truth, Jewel then found out that Stickman was her brother. She then felt depressed, but Stickman cheered her up. Now, Jewel appears in just about every episode of the Stickman Series, no matter what episode/location/etc. it may be. In A Dance to save the universe, she got her new Rhythm Form, Flying Samba. She has three chicklings with Blu, which sometimes appear in the series. She also appears as a fighter in Stickman's All-Brawl, and also appears in the Maelstrom Armada storymode too. As of Becoming the Director, Jewel gains a new exosuit, and a new promotion: Director.

In Stickman's Adventures (2019 Reboot)

In the 2019 reboot, Jewel is Stickman's sister from the start. She plays the same role as she had in previous series, appearing alongside Stickman in all his adventures. She adapted her keyblade's magic into a bracelet. She still has her rhythm form, and was trained in the 2019 version of Stickman and the Rhythm Thief episode. Her code name is still Flying Samba. She's trained in her magic very well over the course of the series.


Stickman and Jewel

Stickman and Jewel are 2 peas in a pod that aren't ment to be seperated. After The Sad Truth, Stickman divorced Jewel, thus making the wife count to 10. However, Jewel didn't give up fighting with her brother. However, in some episodes, It is hinted that the 1st wife thing still is in place, hinting that Stickman didn't really divorce Jewel.

Blu and Jewel

Ah yes, the love birds of Rio and Rio 2, they are always together, but Blu is jealous when he knows about Jewel marrying Stickman, but Jewel always says that she just lets him believe that. Everything changes when Blu hears that Stickman is Jewel's brother. Blu and Jewel have three chicklings together, Bia, Carla, and Tiago. If you want to learn more, go to the Rio wiki about this.

Smg4 and Jewel

Smg4 and Jewel have a pretty good friendship together. They're just friends... Unless...

Hunter and Jewel

Jewel is friends with Hunter, but she keeps a close eye on her since Leopard Seals are penguin's main enemy, and Hunter is a leopard seal.