Giroro (1)
"Oops, my gun overheated and shooted all over the place"
Some attributes
First Age- 28 (an estimate)
Second Kind-keronian
Third Related to- none
Other attributes
Fourth Gender- male
Fifth Wordplay name-G66
Sixth Friends- Keroro,Tamama,Dororo,and Dogkid1.


Giroro is the single unit mobile infantry of the Armpit Platoon. He is a red Keronian who has a scar over his left eye.this scar he got in a fight with the sgt. His symbol is a skull which, unlike the other Keronians, is only on his hat. In lieu of a belly symbol, he diagonally straps across his body a belt with a rectangular buckle. It is revealed that it contains a picture of Dogkid. In the anime, it shows that he had a photo of him with Garuru and his father before arriving on Earth. The belt is priceless since it serves both as his good luck charm and as a reminder of his friends who died in a Keron War.This item has been passed down from his grandfather, to his father, to his mother(when they were in style for the ladies) and then to him. Without it, he loses most of his abilities and is utterly inept as a soldier. However, as a young Keronian, he carried his skull symbol on his hat and belly and was not afflicted with the scar across his face.