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"Blinded by the Light!"
"Blinded by the Light!"
Some attributes
First Likes-Stickman, The United Stickman Force, The Mane Six
Second Dislikes-Kaos, Makuta, Turbo, The Dark Legacy, Nega Stickbot Alpha
Third Friends- Spyro,Bash,Cynder,Stickman,Dogkid,Whirlwind.
Other attributes
Fourth Kind- Dragon
Fifth Gender- female
Sixth Element- earth
Seventh First appearance- A Gemy Canterlot Wedding (Although she appeared much father back than this, I just don't remember the name of the episode...)
Eighth Latest appearance - Through the Halls

Flashwing is a gem dragon who is one of the Skylanders in the Skylanders series, first appearing in Skylanders: Giants. Flashwing fancies her beauty and usually adores being in the spotlight. Flashwing's true origins are a mystery. But her first appearance came when Bash made a wish that he could fly and looked up to see a shooting star streak across the sky and in a valley below. In the centre of the glowing impact crater was a large, brilliant geode - which suddenly cracked open to reveal Flashwing. Bash may not have soared that day, but his heart sure did, because Flashwing was beautiful... and lethal. As soon as Bash stepped closer, the gem dragon turned towards him. Not knowing if he was friend or foe, she blasted him off of the cliff with a full force laser pulse from her tail! Perhaps Bash flew that day after all. She is in the United Stickman force. She is one of Dogkid's friends, along with Spyro. Although she has been divorced, Flashwing still shows love toward Stickman and the same vice versa, even to the fans's dismay. Her goal is to one day get back together dating Stickman again.

In Stickman's Adventures (2019 Reboot)

In the 2019 reboot of Stickman's Adventures, Flashwing plays a different role than she has in different series. Instead of being one of the love interests of Stickman, she is now one of Stickman's best friends. She still is a member of the USF, and still fights in the USF. She will stop at nothing to protect her home land as well as her friends.