After the events of Rage of Defero, The Nexus Ninja re-unites the United Stickman force, and so, they start a rebellion, they get new weapons, and attack the Dark Legacy's fortress, meanwhile, Shurow and Stickman are still in the cave, Shurow tells Stickman that he isn't ready to be the new leader, Stickman then says that he already took a decision, and Stickman dies, Shurow cries, but then, he gets and idea, Shurow gives Dead Stickman his pencil sword, and then he puts the broken Chaos Emerald in Stickman's chest, and so, stickman is back..... meanwhile, Makuta orders the Dark Legacy to execute the United Stickman force, suddently, Defero arrives with Makuta, and tells him that a flying hero is approaching to them, Defero remembers that only one hero can shine the way the hero was approaching to them, then both Makuta and Defero notice the hero is Stickman, and Stickman gives 5 Emerald Kicks to Makuta, and so, Makuta falls of 100 Meters, since he was in his fortress, The Nexus Ninja tells Stickman that, right now, the problem was the Fusion Nuclear Cannon the Dark Legacy had, Defero tries to escape, but is then destroyed by Stickman, Stickman then flies to get to the cannon, and so, Makuta wakes up after his Knock Out, he shouts "STICKMAAAAN!" and so, Stickman and Makuta fight in the sky, Stickman knocks out Makuta, and throws the Dark Legacy's leader to the cannon, wich made the cannon explode, Stickman rescues his friends, and they escape, suddenly, Defero appears, and so, Stickman and Defero arrive, they fight, but Stickman wins, The Nexus Ninja vanishes, since his mission is not over.