Some attributes
First Name (JP)-ダイナブレイド (Daina Bureido)
Second Gender- female
Third Category-Boss
Other attributes
Fourth Status- alive
Fifth Age- unknown

Dyna Blade is a recurring boss and occasional ally in the Kirby series. She is one of the largest bosses to appear in the series, and even has an entire sub game dedicated to her in Kirby Super Star. After a several year absence, Dyna Blade returned with a minor appearance in Kirby Air Ride. She even starred in it as a mom an early episode of the anime. Dyna Blade returns once again in Kirby Super Star's remake, sharing her new boss battle theme with Wham Bam Rock and Wham Bam Jewel. It is a remix of the theme previously heard in Castle Lololo. Dyna Blade's most recent appearance has been in Kirby Mass Attack, making a cameo as one of the attacks in the sub-game Kirby Quest.