"That is Guardian Carlos to you!"-Carlos surprisingly telling Stickman that he is now commander.


Carlos in Mythran form

Carlos Mtz2 was one of Stickman's closest friends, he and Stickman were known as "The Imagination duo", until he got corrupted by the blood of Makuta, and thanks to his "V" brick, he turned into the evil Lord Vilius II, and, along with Terdaka and Defero, he now leads "the corrupted" clan, an is planning to take stickman's head as a trophy once stickman is defeated.

However, after the events of episode Stronger, Faster, Darker, Carlos was assigned a mission along with Defero, where He betrayed Defero and escaped with One of the 10 Negative Relics.

Later he became commander of the Nexus Force and became one of the Guardians of the Universe (and thus, he kept "trolling" Stickman, telling him that he is now Stickman's superior officer.)

Currently, He plans on rebuilding his Planet: Crux, and restore it to its glory, no matter the cost.


Lord Vilius II