Captain Vladimir was a crazy cosmonaut who was from the Cold War Era. Travis put the Captain back into reality. However, in Return of Captain Vladimir, Baron tricked Captain Vladimir (First he revived him, and made him live forever) into thinking he was still in space, and was wanting the Captain to defeat Stickman and SMG4. When Stickman got to where Captain Vladimir is, it was up to him and SMG4 to bring Captain Vladimir back down to earth. The 2 friends were successful in bringing Captain Vladimir back to reality, and decided, with his Cosmonaut suit, Captain Vladimir decided to join the Stickman Force to get revenge on Baron Typhonus. He appears in Stickman's Final Battle and will appear in Operation Final Battle, talking to the whole force through their Wrist Communicator Watches. However, Flashwing still doesn't trust Captain Vladimir today.