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“Turn the Music Loud For an Epic Win! ”
“Turn the Music Loud For an Epic Win! ”
Some attributes
First kind- Penguin
Second Position-Night Club DJ, singer, dancer.
Third Color- Peach
Other attributes
Fourth related to- Lolz
Fifth Friends- Dogkid, Marcus,Penguin Band.

Cadence, also known as DJ K-Dance or DJ Cadence (pronounced Dee-JAY KAY-dense), is a local Club Penguin DJ and a great dancer. She is a peach-colored penguin who has purple hair with pink tufts, green-sided black headphones, a pink and yellow scarf, a pair of pink and yellow wristbands, black eyelashes, along with black and white shoes. She seems to be very polite, although she looks into modern words. She's a more modern penguin proved by her saying "lol" and "EPIC FAIL". She does not have any body items, however, but she was seen with a black T-Shirt in one of her Music Videos. She first appeared in the Club Penguin Times when there was a tour about the Night Club. Her favorite phrase is, "It's time to dance!". She likes to call herself the "Dance Machine". Like Rockhopper, the Penguin Band, Gary, Rookie, and Aunt Arctic, she waddles around Club Penguin Island giving out a free background

During one of her dance-offs, she lost to Stickman, but agreed to join the United Stickman Force afterwards. She Keeps some funky beats for Stickman today.