Baron Typhonus
Faded darkitecht
"The only way the universe can truly flourish is if imagination is once again free of rules."
Some attributes
First Weapon/Tool-Jeweled Scepter
Second Theme-Maelstrom
Third Gender- male
Other attributes
Fourth Friends-


Baron Typhonus was a minifigure who was searching for the Imagination Nexus. After creating the Maelstrom, Baron Typhonus became the mastermind of chaos and destruction known as The Darkitect. Long ago, Baron Typhonus left his assistant and protégé, Vanda Darkflame, in charge of his work while he and his colleague, Doctor Albert Overbuild, traveled across the LEGO Universe in search of the Imagination Nexus. They recruited Hael Storm and, although they were unsure whether they could trust the pirate, were led to Duke Exeter and eventually discovered a clue left by the First Builders on Gallant 5. He is the main enemy of the Stickman Force.

Stickman Series

In the stickman series, he is Stickman's main enemy.

In Stickman's Adventures (2019 Reboot)

In the reboot of Stickman's Adventures, he once again is the driving force behind the starting events of the Stickman Series. Unlike the other series, where he only existed for one major event, he is now a major threat. Ever since Operation: Final Battle 4, he has been lying in wait, waiting to defeat the USF once more. He may one day rise again...


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