Apple Bloom
Apple Bloom thumb S01E18
"But I don't want one eventually! I want one right now!"
Some attributes
First Gender- Female
Second Kind- earth Pony
Third Occupation-Student; Cutie Mark Crusaders
Other attributes
Fourth Eyes-Brilliant gamboge
Fifth Residence-Sweet Apple Acres
Sixth Friends- Mane six,Scootaloo,Sweetie Belle,Babs Seed


Apple Bloom is a school-age Earth pony. She is the younger sister of Applejack and Big McIntosh and is the granddaughter of Granny Smith. She is a member of the Apple family in Ponyville. She is a supporting character who takes a lead role in several episodes. Apple Bloom is one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, along with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, and she was the only named school-age pony until Boast Busters and the only filly with a speaking role until Call of the Cutie. Like the other two Cutie Mark Crusaders, she doesn't have her cutie mark yet. She is skilled at renovation and construction, such as restoring Applejack's old clubhouse for the purposes of the Cutie Mark Crusaders in The Show Stoppers.